BSA Cities Manchester Walk

I took a walking tour around Manchester. This was a fringe event that coincided with The British Sociological Association conference in April 2017.

Myth and concrete are entwined in Manchester, they are in constant dialogue. This was the main theme of the walk, although each stop covered a site of the many different walks I could have planned, the science walk, the occult walk, the pop history walk, the politics walk, the conflict walk, the slum walk, the gentrification walk…

Here are some things that might be of interest to follow on from the walk: A paper Mark and I wrote for Cultural Studies, on the Urbis building as a looking glass; and two issues of the Urbis Research Forum Review, 1.1 on the Mancunian Way, and an issue on landscapes, 1.3, including a piece I wrote on atom-splitter John Cockroft. Here also is the Manchester Left Writers series on ‘the northern powerhouse’ for Open Democracy:

Here also is a Centre For Urban and Community Research Street Signs blog post about the walk:


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