My New Blog

I used to be an enthusiastic blogger, with a site called ‘Steve Hanson and his Fantastical Electrical Notebook’. Actually I never stopped blogging, the Electrial Notebook is right up-to-date. But I made the site private, using it as an online hard drive. An archive I could pick fragments of writing up from, to then use in more serious published pieces. It’s still there. But it’s a tool for talking to myself and storing work in progress, an electronic workspace for me. It would take weeks to trim it and back up all the material, to then turn it back on for the public again, so I have set up this new blog.

I will be uploading pieces of past publishing, possibly in altered or precis form, and from then on using it to put finished pieces on. ‘Adventures In Political Landscapes’ sums up my interests as a writer, without being too niche or expansively abstract. There’s also a tiny homage to a Be Bop Deluxe song I love in the title.

I am essentially a writer who works as a Lecturer and Researcher. My first book, ‘Small Towns, Austere Times’, was published by Zero in 2014. My second volume, ‘A Book of the Broken Middle’, is currently being finished for Repeater. I was a founder member – along with Mark Rainey – of the Materialist Psychogeographic Affiliation. I briefly appeared in the last few pages of Merlin Coverley’s book on the subject, before disappearing in a puff of smoke. I then co-founded Manchester Left Writers with David Wilkinson, please see the links here, and for more information about me, see the appropriate section.

Ultimately though, this is the compost bin of my mind.