New And Accurate Maps Of The Island

I’ve just received some author copies of the collection Memoria: Histories, Memories, Representations from the publisher. Stimulated by Dave Bridges’ ‘Memories of Light’ installation, currently showing at Armley Mill in Leeds, the book asks questions around who represents the past, and how we might recalibrate the politics of seeing for the present, and ultimately the future.

Simon Ford and I contributed the penultimate chapter, New and Accurate Maps of the Island, about the larger context for the ruin of Armley Mill, that there is ‘no outside’ to capital. Simon’s images for the chapter are wonderful.

We began with ‘the new north-south divide’, the M62 corridor from Liverpool to Hull, being declared after the May 2015 general election. This opens a new phase of my work, on what I am tentatively calling ‘The Island’.

For this section of our wider project, we focus on the ‘Imagine’ sites in Liverpool, around the airport, exploring traces of the old redundant Speke aerodrome, and the former garden festival sites, which are now up for redevelopment.

The collection editor is Wendy Frith, a longtime friend of The Mekons. Patrick Eyres of the New Arcadian journal, Phil Moody and Tom Steele also contribute essays. It’s great to be in a volume with all of the contributors, but particularly Tom Steele, after reading his book on British Cultural Studies.