Two Zero Reviews

Here are a pair of reviews, for fellow Zero authors, for the glorious Manchester Review of Books (you read right). One is in Zizek territory, Enjoying It, Candy Crush and Capitalism by Alfie Bown:

The other is a more speculative work, Drone and the Apocalypse by Joanna Demers:

They gave me the opportunity to flex a few underused theoretical muscles. All the Manchester review of Books articles that DON’T have a byline at the end are mine (!).


Two Reviews

Here are two book reviews, which I have chosen because they show the poles of my interest. One is a review of Howard Slater’s Anomie, Bonhomie and Other Writings (Mute, 2012) which is a highly-charged, quite avant garde text emerging from Situationism. The second is a review of Sal Restivo’s anarchism and science text, Red, Black and Objective, for Sociological Research Online:

I think these two books place me right on the border between British Art Schools and Sociology, for the reader. In some ways, Adventures In Political Landscapes always begin from here.

Two Pieces for Visual Studies

Here are two book reviews which show the join between my sociological work and my art school background. Both were published by Visual Studies (Routledge) the International Visual Sociology Association journal. The first is a review of a historical introduction to Art Theory, by Robert Williams, and the second a review of Nick Mirzoeff’s Introduction to Visual Culture. My art school background and explorations of aesthetic theory underpin my take on political landscapes quite strongly.